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    "I am a parent to two girls (8 and 10) and as a parent I am constantly looking for gifts that have a WOW factor. Not only gifts for them, but also gifts for birthday parties and friends... things that are obviously good value, are creative, are (if possible) sustainable and unique. So with my dad hat on, I have created a range of art packs from high quality and personally curated art products. These packs are available for sale here, and can be picked up at Inspired Arts. We do not currently deliver, because we are trying to keep the costs down.


    The first 4 packs are available now... and there will be more available as we get closer to Christmas.

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    Art Packs and Gifts!!! - Purchase now, and pick up when you're swinging by Joo Chiat.

    The Construction Pack
    24 Watercolour pencils
    Colour Pencils (24)
    Colour Pencils (72)
    The Steampunk Jar
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