• We love Holiday camps!!!

    Our camps are the perfect way to spend the holidays. Our students explore a variety of dynamic themes whilst exploring visual arts activities including mixed media, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, weaving and more. Now more flexible than ever, each camp can be a full day or half day option, and can be customised for 1-4 days. The camps are designed so that every hour of every day is unique, creative and engaging.


    We have both dynamic art camps and 'Immersive Theatrical Camps' that are across between a 4 day breakout room and dinner theatre.


    Please note that safe distancing measures will be in place. Children are to bring masks. Please take temperatures before you drop them off for their classes. Do not send them if they have flu or cold symptoms.

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    So much fun!!! Our 4 day Holiday Camps are offered as half day (3 hours) for $325 and full day (6.5 hours) for $500

    Inspired Arts

    - Destinations - 4 countries in 4 days

    In this year when we cannot freely travel to our favourite holiday destinations, inspired arts are bringing them to you.

    This week at Joo Chiat we will take your child on a trip to all the places we wish we could go during this break.


    Day 1 - New Zealand

    • Dramatic storytelling (The fishing of Aotearoa)

    • Te Koru Artwork

    • Poi creation and dance

    • Making a felt Kiwi

    • Tissue collage (maui and the Sun)

    • Flax weaving

    • Designing a tourist fridge magnet

    • Jewellery design

    Day 2 - Australia

    • Dramatic storytelling - (Dreamtime)

    • Aboriginal Art work

    • Create a boomerang

    • Create a clay didgeridoo

    • Make an Australian animal marionette puppet

    Day 3 - Japan

    • Origami

    • Lantern making

    • Sushi Making (Art food… not edible)

    • Wooden block Printmaking

    • Haiku writing and Watercolours

    Day 4 - Bali

    • Basket weaving

    • Batik

    • Braiding hair extensions

    • Create a Mirrored landscape of all the camp experiences

    Students must bring a drink bottle and snack. If they are staying for the full day, they need to bring their own lunch

    The Masters. - only at TRIO for the Morning, Afternoon and Full Day

    (Run by Coco and Hamish)

    Art is more than drawing and painting. This exciting and dynamic camp will look at all of the 8 areas of art, whilst creating beautiful mixed media pieces. Each day students will explore 2 different areas of art, inspired by a contemporary artist… creating beautiful art pieces.

    During the camp students will

    • Monday - ‘Jon Klassen’ - Print making, watercolour painting, digital art

    • Tuesday - ‘Eric Carle’ - Print making, collage

    • Wednesday - ‘Subodh Gupta’-Construction and upcycling

    • Thursday - ‘Ai Wei Wei’ - Modelling and textiles


    - The Digital Artist

    Only at Joo Chiat for the Morning or Afternoon

    Students explore art making by enhancing ‘mess making’ with digital media. Each student will have access to an iPad, and over the course of the camp will explore...

    • Photography and filters
    • Explore basic digital animation within Procreate, Pic Collage and Pro Create
    • Explore layering tools within Procreate
    • Explore a range of apps for digital manipulation and collage

    On the Monday we will be leaving the studio for a photography walk, so students will need mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

    Please note that the minimum age for this camp is 6 years old, and that there are only 6 spaces available. Only half day camps are available for this camp


    -Stories and fairytales

    Explore the worlds of fairy tales; through an amazing week of picture-book creation, modelling, paper construction, sculpture and clay or fabric and embroidery art. Your child will explore famous (and not so famous) stories through a fantastic range of art media and techniques.

    • Design, write, and illustrate their own picture book
    • Create a ‘puppet theatre’ of the story of their choice with characters, a stage, sets and props
    • Dry felt and embroider a famous scene
    • Let their imagination go wild in our maker space.

    Think BIG - only at TRIO for the Afternoon.

    (Run by Hamish)

    Everything this week is big and bold; from mural painting, to Giant Box modelling to creating a short production on our stage. This camp builds collaborative and creative thinking and provides opportunities for students to grow their creativity. They will play and enjoy a range of drama and dance games. This is the perfect camp for those wanting a balance of Art, play, dance, drama and madness!

    • Construction techniques
    • Mural Painting
    • Prop design
    • Dance and Drama
    • Creative play
    • Performance skills

    Inspired Arts Destinations

    - only at TRIO for the Afternoon.


    In this year when we cannot freely travel to our favourite holiday destinations, inspired arts are bringing them to you.

    This week we are taking your kids to Bali!!! On the first day, they will be welcomed in and will begin by learning a Balanise dance, get their hair braised, have face painting, make mock tails and create beautiful batik artwork...

    Throughout the camp you child will learn traditional games, songs, dances, art forms and even cooking; included in these experiences are

    • Balanise Dance
    • Create dancing coconut puppets
    • Hair Braiding / face painting
    • Drum circle
    • Creating Batik t-shirts
    • Learn Bahasa Indonesian kids songs,
    • Basket weaving
    • Respond to Balanise stories and artwork with collage
    • Create jewellery with seashells and paper frangipani
    • Create a mixed media painting of Bali
    • Make fancy mocktails with fruit coconut milk and garnishes

    Each child will receive a travel passport to help them document their trip to our Destination, paste photos, artwork, recipes and any handouts, dances and information they receive.

    These camps will be run exclusively at our TRIO branch for in the afternoon sessions