• Inspire Weekly

    Join us for our weekly 75 min drop-in Arts Classes. These run across both centers with Visual Arts offered at Joo Chiat and Trio, and Dance and Music offered only at our TRIO location. Students enjoy these sessions in a mixed age group class format with a maximum of 16 students. We differentiate for age and ability and engage in themes and lesson structures that have a focus on techniques, skills, processes and concepts. You can purchase one-off sessions for these, or a package that can be used flexibility across locations and disciplines.

  • Art at our dedicated Joo Chiat Studio

    ART - We love Art!!! Our signature art classes are sought after, and an amazing space for your child to grow in their confidence, creativity and ability to express themselves.

    We explore a full range of art experiences and themes that are age appropriate and throughout a year, provide a balanced exposure and foundation in the visual arts.

    We differentiate for ages and skill levels and work in a group class setting.

    Within a three month term your child will experience elements of all of the areas of art…

    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Modelling
    • Construction
    • Collage
    • Printmaking
    • Textiles
    • Digital Art

  • TRIO - Our Arts Centre

    Explore all of the Arts in our amazing new centre. Themed to invite curiosity and exploration, this centre is the perfect place to send your kids for a variety of classes while you relax in the cafe.