• Exciting, dynamic and flexible

    Our themes change often depending on the classes and the interests and needs of the kids. We differentiate, and vary instruction depending on the children that we have.

    Concept based

    Art is more than painting and drawing.

    Exploring the elements and principals of art through a wide range of media. From fabric to paint, drawing to printmaking, animation to ceramics. Our students gain a strong understanding of visual art through the variety of media on hand.

    Plan, design, create and imagine

    No limits!

    We are constantly looking for ideas that will spark your child's imagination, giving them a launching pad for creativity and self expression.

    Skills and techniques

    Arts and creativity should be explored

    We equip students with the strategies and skills they need to create truly unique and beautiful work. No experience or prior skill is needed. Our teachers are encouraging, fun and nurturing... celebrating each student as they try new things and engage with the learning on hand.


    Monday to Thursday & Saturdays

    We are super flexible! we have regular classes at 2:30, 4pm Mon - Thurs, and 10:30, noon and 1:30pm on Saturdays. We also have sessions at 5:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. We will be more than happy to add more programmes as the demand grows. Get in touch with us, and we will make it work for you. - See the timetable below for more details

  • Timetable

    Please message us on +65 91469428 to book in for a class. You can come along for our current free trials, or bring a friend, just let us know what timing works best for you. If your class time is full, and you want to bring a friend for a trial, please arrange to bring them to a class that has more space.


    2:30pm - New class time (spaces available)

    4:00pm - (Spaces available)

    5:30pm - New class (spaces available)


    2:30pm - New class time (spaces available)

    4pm (Spaces available)


    2:30pm - New class time (spaces available)

    4:00pm - Sculpture (Spaces available)

    5:30pm - New class time (spaces available)


    2:30pm - New class timing (spaces available)

    4:00pm - FULL



    10:30am FULL

    12 noon - Sculpture (Spaces available)

    1:30pm (Spaces available)

  • Our programmes

    All of our programmes have pricing options for a one off session, 8 sessions, half year (26 sessions) or full year (52 sessions). We only deduct a session when it is used, and are flexible with make up lessons, or multiple days. Please contact us for more information.

    Weekly Classes

    Drop off classes

    Weekly classes run between 2:30pm and 6pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays before 3pm. We explore a full range of art experiences and themes that are age appropriate and throughout a year, provide a balanced exposure and foundation in the visual arts. We differentiate for ages and skill levels and work in a group class setting. We have developed our own curriculum and send home overviews and reflections of learning and experiences.

    Parent & Child

    Sessions for parents and their kids to enjoy together

    This is the opportunity for you to sit next to your child and create side by side, making your own art piece, whilst collaborating and exploring together. We will custom make sessions depending on your needs. Families are welcome.

  • Book Now!!!

    Please choose your session, and your membership plan from the options below.

  • To register for a weekly slot, purchase a package and detail your preferred time in the notes section of the purchasing form.