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    We provide excellence in children's art lessons and experiences. Providing holiday camps, weekly classes, teacher training and adult classes. All of our students, young and old receive a balanced exposure to a wide range of art media, skills, techniques, strategies and concepts.

    Holiday Camps @ Inspired Arts

    Our Camps are an amazing fun, immersive, and creative experience for children of ALL ages.

    Now at Two locations

    Visit us at Joo Chiat Road on the East Coast & TRIO in Jalan Besar

    ooky spooky party

    Enjoy a mountain of activities, food, prizes, dancing, art, games, story telling, ballooning, candy, cookies and more.

    Meander throughout our TRIO location, through Halloween Town, The Land of the remembered, the Spooky Forest, and the Dancing Grave Yard and The Haunted Library.
    Tickets for this event are limited


    Inspired Arts is an art enrichment center, providing weekly classes and holiday camps to children aged 4-13. Our focus is on supporting students to create meaningful and original art. We fully believe that through learning art, children develop skills and understandings that have a lifelong impact on their ability to create, problem-solve, express themselves and relate to others.


    We have two separate locations...

    Joo Chiat Road (close to i12 Katong) is our dedicated Visual Arts Studio, with a wide range of holiday camps and weekly classes.


    11 Sam Leong Rd (TRIO mall) is our Performing Arts Centre, with Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, a parent cafe/restaurant and 250 seat auditorium. (OPENING NOVEMBER)


    As well as classes and holiday camps, we also run birthday parties, adults art classes, teacher training workshops events and conferences for educators and other organisations.


    All of our programmes and sessions have been very popular and well received. Our team is flexible, easy to work with and available to discuss your needs.

  • Our Team

    Experienced, passionate and fun

    Hamish Betts (Director of Learning, Lead teacher)

    Experience and Passion

    Hamish is an established Artist, Educator, Teacher Trainer and Consultant. Having taught in New Zealand and Singapore for 16 years as a Classroom Teacher, an Art Specialist, Head of Department and most recently 'Director of Learning' he also has extensive experience running workshops and training educators throughout Asia Pacific. Hamish brings passion and creativity into every environment he works in. He is loved by students and parents and under Hamish's guidance, students will grow in their confidence, creativity and engagement in the Arts. He empowers teachers in his centres to engage, model and facilitate best practise education whilst seeing every student as an artist and encouraging them to explore and engage in the heartbeat of their learning.


    You can visit Hamish's personal website and blog here

    Our Teachers

    Fun, Kind and full of energy

    Our amazing team of teachers are Dance, Drama, Music and Arts specialists. They love working with kids, love creativity and bring a high level of skill and passion into the studios. As artists themselves our teachers connect with our learners through a genuine love of the Arts and continue to develop their craft through regular professional development and personal creative products. We are all easy to spot, in our personalised t-shirts :).
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  • Birthday Parties

    Our birthday parties are an amazing all inclusive experience for 8-16 children.

  • Why Inspired Arts?

    We believe that the Arts are an essential way to grow your creativity and problem solving skills, develop as a communicator and learn some amazing practical skills as well.

    Skills and Techniques

    Exploring arts and creativity.

    We equip students with the strategies and skills they need to create truly unique and beautiful work. No experience or prior skill is needed. Our teachers are encouraging, fun and nurturing... celebrating each student as they try new things and engage with the learning on hand.

    Express and Understand.

    Intentional art

    Even our youngest students learn that all art is designed to communicate and express. We equip all of our students with the idea that they are saying something unique with everything that they make. This helps build communication skills , self identity, and an empathy and understanding of others.

    Confidence and Creativity

    Exploration and Experimentation

    Students create work that is original and driven by them. Within themes and the media, we give them as much choice and voice as possible. Every child creates unique pieces of art without teacher interference or a reliance on examples and products. Our supportive team encourage students to grow their own creativity and become increasingly confident in their own abilities and ideas.

    Exploring 8 Areas of Art

    Art is more than painting and drawing.

    We explore the elements and principals of art through a wide range of media. From fabric to paint, drawing to printmaking, animation to ceramics. Our students gain a strong understanding of visual art through the variety of media on hand. Over a year our students explore...








    -Digital Art

    Plan, design, create and imagine

    No limits!

    We are constantly looking for ideas that will spark your child's imagination, giving them a launching pad for creativity and self expression.

  • Stories from our kids and their parents...

    It is always lovely to hear back from you and your kids..

    Holiday Camps

    MJ & Rae

    My girls attended two weeks of holiday camps at Inspired Arts art camps over the school holidays. Mr Betts was their art teacher for several years, and they always loved his classes, so we became very early supporters when he launched the company. My daughter received an Inspired Arts gift voucher for her tenth birthday from a friend. She already knew Mr Betts and several children who recommended camps or classes, so she was eager to use the voucher asap!


    There are holiday camps plus a la carte after-school and weekend programmes available for all ages, including adults, as well as team-building sessions. I enrolled my 10- and 12-year old in to the Senior Holiday Camp (for children aged nine to 13), from 12:30 to 3:30pm, Monday to Thursday. The first week they explored how to use jewellery making techniques to design imaginary creatures with beads, wire, haberdashery and natural materials. They also learned about different types of weaving and knotting. The Steampunk programme was more intensive in the second week. In steampunk, the kids re-purpose objects to design elaborate futuristic sci-fi costumes and art. The results were amazing.

    Mr betts is a fantastic teacher. He is an experienced educator and passionate artist with an excellent subject knowledge. I was fully confident that my kids would have fun and learn - which they did. Overall, I saw a huge sense of pride and achievement when they completed a project, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly, they keep asking to go back.


    Vanessa and Greg Mittman

    MJ & Rae

    Feeling at home


    Matilda is extremely creative but very much set in her ways. At Inspired Arts she has her safe space where she can grow the way she wants and follow her art instincts the way she chooses under inspired guidance, rather than follow strict art curriculum that is often offered in other Singapore based art centers. It is her wonder world, full of colours, beads, fabrics, clay…. As a parent I like the passion, flexibility and ease of communication of the art teachers. Matilda is allowed to explore advance courses, if she can’t help her curiosity over a new camp theme or wants to grow beyond her age group. She can stay after and finish her work or come another day to make up the unfinished project. I think she feels it is her second home.

    Flexible and Creative

    Maya, Anika & Arjun

    I love that the kids don't have to sit and copy something or just paint an object. They are pushed to really create. Each term covers a unique topic that is different from the previous term. The other main attraction is the flexibility of classes. I have 3 kids and all have their own level of capabilities. Inspired Arts manages to combine all of them together. So it's easy for me to drop them all off together. It is not often I can have all 3 in the same class together, but they are, and they're all doing something different!! Inspired Arts is also so flexible with our classes. As a parent we find ourselves juggling so many things and sometimes it's not possible to make a class. Inspired Arts is very understanding about that and are so good about make-up classes. Inspired Arts is exactly that....it inspires kids!

    This is ART!!!

    Kayden & Caitlyn

    My kids are loving this small cozy place, it is allowing my children to create something that they really want with their own creativity. Proper guidance and questions enable them to think about their project and put into mind what they really want. They learn how to plan, create, problem solve and persevere to see what they can really create.


    Highly recommend this place to parents with curious and creative kids. This place is not the regular art lessons that you go to.... receive instructions and follow through. Hamish & Coco is around to guide and encourage the children to do it instead of waiting for instructions on what to do next. This is ART!

    Family time

    Ben, Ginny, AJ and Caroline

    We love art classes together in the parent-and-child sessions in the weekends. We look forward to it every weekend - either working on solo pieces or creating an art project together as a family. As busy parents and startup entrepreneurs, our days and weeks are very packed. We love art classes together, as they give us an opportunity to bond. For us parents - a great time to release a bit of work stress! In those 2 hours, we chat and laugh and sing to the music as we explore. Inspired Arts is also a very comfortable and happy environment for us to relax and create.

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