Inspired Arts EQ - Celebration and Loss 18th Nov - 14th Dec
Inspired Arts EQ 'Celebrations' is a perfectly timed theme over the season of festivals. From Christmas to Deepavali, we look at how different cultures celebrate and engage with the seasons of life. Children will use explore Visual Art, Music, Dance and Dramatic storytelling to explore this theme; learning to express themselves, while developing an empathy for others.
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Monday 4pm_Age 4-5
Monday 4pm_Age 6-7
Monday 4pm_Age 8-9
Tuesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Tuesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Tuesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Wednesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Wednesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Wednesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 10:30am_Age 4-5
Saturday 10:30am_Age 6-7
Saturday 10:30am_Age 8-9
Saturday 1pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 1pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 1pm_Age 8-9
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