Inspired Arts EQ - Hope and Patience (6th Jan - 1st Feb)
Our theme of hope and patience will explore ideas and themes to do with the new year, giving students the opportunity to use the Arts to explore new beginnings, their dreams for the new year, friendships, growth and disappointment. As with all of our programmes; your child will develop the confidence and their understanding of others, while learning to express their own thoughts in new and creative ways.
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Monday 4pm_Age 4-5
Monday 4pm_Age 6-7
Monday 4pm_Age 8-9
Tuesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Tuesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Tuesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Wednesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Wednesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Wednesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 1pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 1pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 1pm_Age 8-9
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