Inspired Arts EQ - Conflict and Peace (3rd - 29th Feb)
This month we will be exploring themes of friendship, bullying, conflict and peace. Students will express and navigate these themes by painting, creating soundscapes, dancing and exploring drama activities. This will be yet another unique opportunity to develop their creativity, confidence and understanding of others.
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Monday 4pm_Age 4-5
Monday 4pm_Age 6-7
Monday 4pm_Age 8-9
Tuesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Tuesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Tuesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Wednesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Wednesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Wednesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 1pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 1pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 1pm_Age 8-9
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