Inspired Arts EQ - Fear and Courage (2nd - 28th) March
March is our month of overcoming! Our kids will explore themes the themes of fear and courage by creating beautiful collages in visual art, beating a drum circle and create rhythms in music, dance move in dance and explore action games and activities in our drama session. As always, our sessions continue to build confidence, inspire empathy and give your kids the platform they need to express themselves in new ways.
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Monday 4pm_Age 4-5
Monday 4pm_Age 6-7
Monday 4pm_Age 8-9
Tuesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Tuesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Tuesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Wednesday 4pm_Age 4-5
Wednesday 4pm_Age 6-7
Wednesday 4pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 10:30pm_Age 8-9
Saturday 1pm_Age 4-5
Saturday 1pm_Age 6-7
Saturday 1pm_Age 8-9
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