Weekly Classes - 8 sessions (TRIO)
We explore a full range of art experiences and themes that are age appropriate and throughout a year, provide a balanced exposure and foundation in the visual arts. We differentiate for ages and skill levels and work in a group class setting. We have developed our own curriculum and send home overviews and reflections of learning and experiences. -

Please choose a time-slot and discipline. This will secure your first order and can be changed at any time. These sessions can be redeemed at our Joo Chiat and TRIO locations for any weekly classes.
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Select an option
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Monday 4pm_Visual Art
Monday 4pm_Music
Monday 4pm_Dance
Monday 4pm_Drama
Tuesday 4pm_Visual Art
Tuesday 4pm_Music
Tuesday 4pm_Dance
Tuesday 4pm_Drama
Saturday 1pm_Visual Art
Saturday 1pm_Music
Saturday 1pm_Dance
Saturday 1pm_Drama
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