• Weekly Classes & drop in sessions

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    Weekly Classes

    $300 - 8 x 75 minute Lessons

    Weekly classes run between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays before 1:30pm. We explore a full range of art experiences and themes that are age appropriate and throughout a year, provide a balanced exposure and foundation in the visual arts. We differentiate for ages and skill levels and work in a group class setting. See the table below for a description of the themes ages

    Drop in Sessions (1 off session)

    $40 - 75 mins - Timings vary, contact us to inquire

    Kids spend 75 min, dropping in and exploring all materials on offer. Our maker-space is set up so that students can use a range of media to create to their hearts content. The timings for these vary, depending on other bookings. The sessions are self directed, with support if needed.

    Parent and Child Sessions

    $55 - 75 mins - Timings vary, contact us to inquire

    This is the opportunity for you to sit next to your child and create side by side, making your own art piece, whilst collaborating and exploring together. We will custom make sessions depending on your needs. Families are welcome.

    Play Date

    $35 - 90 min - Timings vary, contact us to inquire

    These sessions are perfect for parents with pre-schoolers. We set the space up with sensory play and open art exploration activities in a large 'lounge' style setting. Come with friends, bring your coffee, and enjoy the Art, ambience and activities with your child.

  • one year and 6 monthly membership

    We have made it easier and more affordable to sign up your kids. 

    6 monthly membership.

    you can now book 6 months (26 lessons) for $650

    It's up to you how you use these. You can sign up for weekly classes, as well as send your child in to work on projects during opening hours, as drop off sessions. They expire after 7 months, but can be used more than once a week.

    only $650 (Usual price for 26 lessons is $975)

    One Year Membership

    Book a years (52 ) worth of classes for only $1000

    For nearly half the price, your child can come into Inspired Arts for weekly classes and drop off sessions over 13 months. The lessons can be used every week, or you can choose to let the attend more regularly (up to 52 times) Some parents have chosen to use 2 classes a week over a 6 month time span. Whatever works for you and your family.

    only $1000 (Usual price for 26 lessons is $1950)

  • To register for a weekly slot, purchase a package and detail your preferred time in the notes section of the purchasing form.

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