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    Join us for our weekly drop-in Arts Classes. These run across both centres with Visual Arts offered at Joo Chiat and Trio, and Dance offered only at our TRIO location. Students enjoy these sessions in a mixed age group format. We differentiate for age and ability and engage in themes and lesson structures that have a focus on techniques, skills, processes and concepts.


    A stand alone class is valued at $50. We love to see kids more than once however, so offer these amazing packages. They can be used flexibility across both locations and disciplines, and are for families, so can be shared by siblings and even parents :)

  • September's Weekly Classes

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    Ugly but lovable

    This theme gives our students the opportunity to explore ‘textiles’ through both hand and machine sewing. They will design and create soft toys using a wide variety of materials and techniques. These include...

    • Dry-felting

    • Weaving, braiding and knotting

    • Hand stitching and sewing

    • Basic machine sewing.


    Representing family and story through animals and sculpture

    This dynamic theme will explore different forms of construction in order to create a totem of your child’s family tree; representing each family member as an individual animal. Each layer will be made from a different media, and stacked up or interchangeable. Throughout the months work they will explore…

    • Airdry clay

    • Paper construction

    • Card and ‘box-modelling’

    • ‘Simple whittling’

    • Painting and finishing techniques.


    Uniquely Singapore

    Both of our studios are located in streets with historic shophouses. We will make use of our surroundings to inspired a wide variety of beautiful art. Not only will your child explore the patterns and culture that is unique to this era in Singapores rich history, they will also have the opportunity to respond to it and create work that is stunning and varied.

    • Collage

    • Canvas painting

    • Watercolour painting

    • Clay

    • Colleograph printing


    Symmetry, was and clothing design

    This theme is an amazing opportunity to reflect on the importance of negative space within traditional and indigenous art. From the use of wax in batik art, Sadza- porridge in African fabric art, or the stripping away of bark in pasifika art, your child will explore the depth of art making that transcends culture and nations.

    • Watercolor and wax

    • Sgrafitto tiles

    • Foam printing

    • Hot wax and dye

    • Sadza and fabric


    The secret agent training academy

    S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Learning) is a popular approach to arts learning while embedding it within a wider, authentic learning context. For this theme, our students will explore a series of ‘Secret agent’ challenges and solve these by creating unique and imaginative arts projects…

    • Create a spy boat that can float and carry immense weights

    • Build a bridge between two surfaces, using the least amount of materials

    • Create the ultimate Spy solution (Slime)

    • Design a ultra light weight glider - complete to see which creation can fly the furthest, straightest and highest


    Through the looking glass

    This Alice in Wonderland inspired drawing unit uses the inspiration of lewis carols characters to create animals that have personality and expression. Students will use photos of real animals as inspiration, and match these against the poetic descriptions of the characters in the stories. Throughout the month, your child will create a handmade ‘box’ sketchbook that will contain their designs, sketches, drafts and drawings.

    • ‘Box card’ sketchbook design

    • Pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal

    • Oil pastels with dye

    • Watercolour with black marker

    • Sketching and designing by using familiar shapes, letters and numbers.