• we are closing!

    Dear parents

    It is with Sadness that we write this message. Inspired Arts will be ceasing our programmes this month. It is no longer sustainable to remain open and offer our programmes to the extent that we have in the past. We have observed a massive shift in the demographic of our customers and although we continue to offer the same amazing classes and camps, the enrolments make this no longer sustainable. We have had an amazing seven year journey as an art studio with many ups and downs. Heading into this year we have been confident, with a new well planned curriculum and an amazing assortment of camps. Enrolment however has been disappointing and factors such as running costs and materials make this no longer a joyful and sustainable endeavour.


    Our Last Camp

    A Very WONKA Musical will be our last camp, running from the 25th to the 29th of March. it is a full day 5 day camp that ends with a fabulous performance on Good Friday. Click HERE to enrol.


    Do book in if you can, and if you're able please come and see the FREE PERFORMANCE... book you tickets HERE

  • Thank you for an amazing seven years!

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