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    We provide excellence in children's art lessons and experiences. Providing holiday camps, weekly classes, one off 'drop in classes' parent and child sessions, teacher training and adult classes. All of our students, young and old receive a balanced exposure to a wide range of art media, skills, techniques, strategies and concepts.


    Inspired Arts is a children's art enrichment center, providing weekly classes and holiday camps to children aged 4-13. Our focus is on supporting students to create meaningful and original art. We fully believe that through learning art, children develop skills and understandings that have a lifelong impact on their ability to create, problem-solve, express themselves and relate to others.


    We have two separate locations...

    Joo Chiat Road (close to i12 Katong) is our dedicated Visual Arts Studio, with a wide range of holiday camps and weekly classes.


    11 Sam Leong Rd (TRIO mall) is our Performing Arts Centre, with Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, a parent cafe/restaurant and 250 seat auditorium. (OPENING NOVEMBER)


    As well as classes and holiday camps, we also run birthday parties, adults art classes, teacher training workshops events and conferences for educators and other organisations.


    All of our programmes and sessions have been very popular and well received. Our team is flexible, easy to work with and available to discuss your needs.

  • Our Team

    Experienced, passionate and fun

    Hamish Betts (Director of Learning, Lead teacher)

    Experience and Passion

    Hamish is an established Artist, Educator, Teacher Trainer and Consultant. Having taught in New Zealand and Singapore for 16 years as a Classroom Teacher, an Art Specialist, Head of Department and most recently 'Director of Learning' he also has extensive experience running workshops and training educators throughout Asia Pacific. Hamish brings passion and creativity into every environment he works in. He is loved by students and parents and under Hamish's guidance, students will grow in their confidence, creativity and engagement in the Arts. He empowers teachers in his centres to engage, model and facilitate best practise education whilst seeing every student as an artist and encouraging them to explore and engage in the heartbeat of their learning.


    You can visit Hamish's personal website and blog here

    Our Teachers

    Fun, Kind and full of energy

    Our amazing team of teachers are Dance, Drama, Music and Arts specialists. They love working with kids, love creativity and bring a high level of skill and passion into the studios. As artists themselves our teachers connect with our learners through a genuine love of the Arts and continue to develop their craft through regular professional development and personal creative products. We are all easy to spot, in our personalised t-shirts :).
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