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    Welcome to Inspired Arts!

    The ultimate space for your kids to grow their Creativity, Confidence and Skills while expressing themselves through the Arts!

    Art is more than Drawing and painting

    At Inspired Arts we value creativity and develop this through the 8 areas of Art. Students make their own decisions and are guided through processes to make original, expressive and authentic art.


    One of the 8 Areas of art - We intentionally use drawing to develop communication, and an understanding of Line, Shape, Texture and Value


    One of the 8 Areas of art - We intentionally use painting to explore expression, and an understanding of Colour, Shape, Texture and Value

    Print Making

    As one of the 8 Areas of Art, Printmaking is fantastic for developing an understanding of line, colour theory, negative space and composition


    We love Construction as a way as exploring sculpture. As one of the 8 Areas of Art it is a fantastic way to explore design, form, shape and recycling, as well as developing a wide range of skills and techniques.


    This Area of Art is a fantastic way to explore design, form, shape and recycling, through the shaping of malleable materials, including clay and papier-mache.


    This Area of Art gives students the opportunity to explore composition through the intentional placement of mixed media fragments. It's an amazing way to explore all of the areas of art at all ages.  


    This area of Art gives students the opportunity to explore the elements of Art through fabric, both in textile printing and through weaving, braiding sewing and more

    Digital Art

    We love to give students opportunities to use devices in an intentional way, enhancing 'mess-making' with animation and digital tools. In this way this Area of art compliments the other 7.

  • WHat is so Special about Inspired Arts?

    We are an amazing space for your kids to grow in their creativity, confidence and skill. We offer Art classes and camps, literacy classes, dance and drama, team building, teacher training, Adult Art classes and birthday parties!!!

    Have a quick tour of our space!

    We have different rooms and spaces, a parent cafe, an auditorium. It's all hand scupltured and created to encourage curiosity and creativity.

    What makes us special?

    We are dynamic, and fun, our students have a lot of choice and the take ownership of their learning and their creativity!

    What will my kids do?

    We start with warmups and explore media, then as a class or camp progresses, your child takes an ownership of their learning and creates beautiful and expressive art!

  • Why Inspire?

    Expressing ourselves through the Arts while developing creativity and confidence.

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    Exploring and focusing on the process of art making

    We are an art studio that frees students to create, allowing them to explore, and take ownership of their creations. We support and guide them through strategies and techniques whilst leaving creative decisions up to them. The work our kids create is their own, building a value of the process of art-making and a confidence in their ability as it grows and develops.


    Even our youngest students learn that art is designed to communicate and express. We equip all of our students with the idea that they are saying something unique with everything that they make. This helps build communication skills , self identity, and an empathy and understanding of others.

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    We create an environment that loves kids and nurtures creativity

    Over the years Hamish has worn many creative and educational hats... from a muralist, painter and storyteller and clown to primary art teacher and department head. He started Inspired Arts in 2017 and brings his passion for art and learning into this environment with a high level of creativity, energy and humour.

    He has empowered his team to engage, model and facilitate best practise education whilst seeing every student as an artist and encouraging them to explore and engage in the heartbeat of their learning.


    You can visit Hamish's personal website and blog here

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