• Inspired Arts Is Closed. We will be opening ouR location up for venue and event rental soon.

    Dear parents

    It is with Sadness that we write this message.


    Inspired Arts has ceased all of our programmes.


    It is no longer sustainable to remain open and offer our programmes to the extent that we have in the past.


    We have observed a massive shift in the demographic of our customers and although we provided excellence in both the care and tuition of our students, the enrolments made this no longer sustainable. We have had an amazing seven year journey as an art studio with many ups and downs.


    Heading into this year we were confident, with a new well planned curriculum and an amazing assortment of camps and a significant investment into all platforms of marketing. Enrolment however was beyond been disappointing and factors such as running costs and materials made this no longer a joyful and sustainable endeavour.



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    We will be launching venue hire & Event information soon.

    We have 6 different, beautiful spaces available for your function or event.

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    Hamish is creating art and in the process of writing his first book!

    To support him and help crowdfund this next endevour, please use the QR code or visit HERE

  • My latest mail-out...

    As I’m sure you are aware Inspired Arts closed its doors on the 31st of March. So after several weeks or tidying and cleaning and a lot of time spent reflecting on the last seven years, I am look towards what could be next.


    Although I do have a couple of opportunities that are circling, I am also excited to once again focus on my own art and on other creative endeavours. As many of you know I am also a Pastor, and in three weeks will have completed my Masters of Theology. As I complete my final papers, I am now setting my sites on writing my first book “Love without Agenda”; something that has been brewing in me for some time.


    I would love to invite you to be a part of this journey, as I write, create and explore the creative process through sculpture, painting, mixed media and now through writing.


    I have created a ‘buy me a coffee’ site, which is the modern day equivalent to gathering patrons, where you can support, through one off contributions or sign up to be a monthly member for great rewards.


    I will be sharing everything from video blogs to tutorials to my members! Your support would be amazing as we create this community together. For those of you with kids that want to continue their learning journey with me, there is an option to sign up for weekly video tutorials, and art ideas. I will post frequently and will occasionally offer (online) live sessions to be a part of.


    Thank you again for all of the support over the years. I have loved having your kids and being a part of their artistic and creative journey. I hope that this new venture will be an encouragement to them and to you as they get to see journals, blogs and peeks behind the scenes of what it is to be a working artist in the creative fields.


    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards


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    To find out more visit creativelyhamish.com